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Exhibitions in Paris

Darwin, the original

The City of Sciences and Industry paints a portrait of and highlights the work of Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution.

Osiris, the sunken mysteries of Egypt

This exhibition immerses visitors in the legend of Osiris and Egyptian mythology with a presentation of various excavations and other objects.


The Picasso myth and its presence in contemporary creation lie at the heart of this major exhibition full of enamel works.

Festivals and Shows

Chinese New Year

On February 8, the entire Chinese community will celebrate the New Year (xin nian hao). The goat supersedes the monkey during this period.

Paris Carnival

Take a rendezvous for February 7 with the Paris Carnival featuring a live colourful parade in the streets of Paris.

Suresnes City Dance

The Suresnes City Dance Festival uses top-flight artists of contemporary dance.


A romantic get away, family holidays or quality time with your friend. A discovery stay or rather a thematic stay. All the possibilities are there to enjoy Paris. Every one will be pleased whether it is the romantic lover, the fearless night bird, the passionate one of History and Culture or Art, the Shopaholic or the fine gourmet...


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